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We are here to tell you a story that feeds in complementary and contrasting concepts. One has its origin in scarcity, the other in abundance, and while they represent an opposite end of a spectrum, both of them unite with technological advancements to turn it into an advantage of the existing conditions and use it as a power to coexist, which we think are obvious elements that characterize this country and can easily give identity to create a landmark that is a symbol of both Bahrain and Diyar Al Muharraq.


scarcity and abundance meet art and innovation

Bahrain, a country known for its limited land resources, has transformed the concept of scarcity into an asset, using its reclaimed sand to build the unique city of Diyar Al Muharraq. The name "Diyar" itself, meaning homeland, country, or land, represents the significance of the territory in this scarcity of space. As a symbol of both the country and the city, Diyar Al Muharraq stands proudly on the sand it reclaimed from the sea, showcasing the value of transforming oceanic crust into continental crust.

The gate at the entrance of Diyar Al Muharraq, celebrates this futuristic development emphasizing the most powerful resources of its geographical uniqueness, the sun and the sand. As the gate flexes and bends acoordingly with the movement of the sun, aligning to the analemma specific to its coordinates, to benefit as much as possible to harness its daily power, it also allows people across the road from a curvy surface that is a mixture of desert and sea sand concrete that also captures heat during the day. At night the flexing character of the gate dissolves into the dark midnight, and only fiber optic light nerves become visible which create a distinctive identity just for the night. While the bending curvilinear surfaces change the whole direction and shape of the plate, with various light mapping schemes, this flux structure does not make it easy to follow what is going over or under the bridge.




4.200 m2



diyar al muharraq


entrance gateway



2nd place


This fusion of scarcity and abundance becomes evident through the creative power of organic curves that embody the geographical uniqueness, climate, and lifestyle of the region. One of the most captivating elements is the movement of the sun, often overlooked in daily life. The design of the gate follows the shape of the analemma curve of the sun, resulting from the Earth revolving around the Sun in an inclined axis and elliptical orbit.

Adapting to the analemma curve, the gate takes advantage of the sun's power throughout the day. Its ellipsoid shape features approximately 4200 m² of efficient solar panel area, generating 1500 MWh/year – equivalent to the greenhouse gas emissions of 633 round trips from Istanbul to Diyar Al Muharraq by car or the carbon sequestration of 17000 tree seedlings growing for a decade. Embracing sustainability, the gate aligns with the community's vision of living in harmony with nature.

           the ellipsoid gate shape, derived from the analemma curve of the sun, serves as a dynamic and functional artwork, seamlessly converting sunlight into energy and embodying a symbiotic coexistence with nature that unites scarcity-driven design with abundant energy generation.

As night falls, the gate comes alive with fiber optic light nerves illuminating the road and the park, converting daily energy into a mesmerizing visual display. The light structure, made with desert sand concrete, absorbs heat during the day, further harmonizing with the environment.

The curved geometry and reflective material blend the blue sky and yellow earth, creating a breathtaking display that varies with the effects of light. The asymmetrical points of contact with the ground provide distinct experiences on each side of the gate. Illuminated on the mosque side, the gate screens traffic, while the other side offers a covering that retains visual contact while allowing traffic to pass.

superspace_diyar_crustal gate_suncatcher-28.jpg

          the gate's allure shines most prominently during the night as embedded fiber optic light nerves enhance safety, visibility, and aesthetics, brilliantly transforming daytime-generated energy into a captivating symphony of light and color, transcending scarcity into abundance.


As the only entrance and exit of Diyar Al Muharraq, this landmark is not merely a structure but a cherished destination for residents and visitors alike. Its stimulating patterns and images create a sense of belonging and relaxation for those passing through its threshold. A welcoming and familiar presence, the gate greets all with a smile, leaving an indelible mark on their hearts.

Diyar Al Muharraq's symbolic landmark represents the perfect synergy of scarcity and abundance, embodying the nation's spirit and the city's vision. It stands as a testament to Bahrain's ability to turn challenges into opportunities and create a harmonious relationship with its natural surroundings. The gate's captivating design and ecological contributions make it not only a visually appealing masterpiece but also a shining example of sustainable architecture that will inspire generations to come.

       symbolizing the community's connection to the land and their ability to transform challenges into opportunities, at its core, this gate is a living testament to innovation, sustainability, and cultural heritage, symbolizing Bahrain's resilience and capacity to flourish by thoughtfully transcending limitations through meticulous design, leaving a timeless and lasting legacy of inspiration for future generations.



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