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an 8-lane road 8km invisible wall that fulfilled its mission is now on a new quest to create a tailor-made playful and sustainable environment, ready to connect people on the go! participative and collaborative design strategy makes people respond to their surroundings and become the act of communication, sharing and producing for social change.

wouldn't it be exciting to be a part of this spread?


the city is yours! shape it! share it! spread love! spread seoul!

spreadSEOUL is the backyard of the surrounding along its track by giving clues and offering trails to nearby resources, giving a chance to enhance the diversity and connectivity of the neighboring by the adaptive reuse of the existing infrastructure (pixelated parks, schools, available rooftops, semi-private playgrounds, and unused courtyards) that are merged with the new ones focusing on body, mind, and soul, through a community design process. the main idea under the “spreadSEOUL” is to take advantage of the surrounding facilities and support them with this linear adaptive park program according to the special needs of the community. the core design concept focuses on body, mind, and soul. the revitalization should not only be physical but also social and give spirit to both innovative and traditional ideas (or combined) and uplift the community to engage in activities of sorts. the adaptive reuse of the existing infrastructure, empowering the diversity of the surrounding, is creating a place to get lost and relax where you can dive all the way through like a river and get out from some other point, connecting you to some other part.







260.000 m2



urban design


1st h.mention

spreadSEOUL’ is a project that is aiming for much more than a greened and urbanized physical environment. the main approach of the project is to enrich the community’s social territory. this new identity is offering a flexible and modular philosophy, that would be directly in connection with the community’s various needs and generate a warm and close relationship. it would have an improvable, human-centered starting point, that would spread around and connect to the sources of the city or create new ones.

the philosophy of the ‘spreadSEOUL’  is believing to synthesize the habits of the community with the current and upcoming needs of the future and help to generate a strong community by using the power of the production of space. ‘spreadSEOUL’  offering a process that would be evolving and changing with the needs of citizens, that would generate a positive physical and social impact for a reunited and productive community with elements of play, art and nature.


                   how do we deal with a highway that behaves as an invisible industrial wall between the districts that run through and disintegrates communities for long enough to alienate from each other and the urban fabric? 


        community being at the heart is the key feature to tailor-design an urban fabric. citizen-oriented events and activities encourage people to see the city as a shareable platform. as a core of this concept spreadSEOUL claims the city to reshape and disseminates its particles to its hyper proximity empowering a cultural, social, and physical network for people, with people, and by people. 


urban projects have always been shaped by the community in time even then they haven’t been designed for the needs, user-tailored design is a new normal for designing the future of the cities, what makes cities more joyful and positive. ‘spreadSEOUL’  offering a participatory design process, to select and find the best possible distribution of the functions of the park, as well as streets and voids.

the dynamism and fluidity of everyday life turn every individual into a decision-maker of their surroundings. the interventions to the physical and social making of spaces by everyday users are the actions that form lively urban areas. letting go of control, asking the needs and desires of people, encouraging them to team up for and with their neighbors, going agile and finding the right partners on both digital and physical platforms for the production (physical) and reproduction (social) of these spaces also help rebuild the community while rebuilding the city step by step.

          'every new route' takes users into infinite experiences, every time directing to a fresh new linear public park to be explored which gathers people from all over the city to probe various locations and functions that give chance to capturing surprise encounters and amuse the day. be ready to play the city every day!  

shaping and sharing with others create an unbreakable bond with the city and people, turning it into one of the happiest places ever.

with various functions and remarkable starting amount of “elements”, ‘spreadSEOUL’  a self-sufficient urban transformation project, is the key element of the upcoming needs of the "green economy" and the future society.


‘spreadSEOUL’ is offering an interactive and productive space with its components, proposing physical and virtual connections with body, mind, and soul, in a desire to generate strong and joyful  communication with citizens, to encourage participatory, creative environment that would work on behalf of everone's health and happiness.


        every single element represent the various kind of DNA molecules of the park, precisely located in the right direction by the needs of the community and is open to infinite alterations with small modifications to adapt the desires of future generations to come, proud to be part of regenerating the city instantly upon collective wish.



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