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a nation that has the power and vigorous energy of the sun embedded into their lives and culture. they are getting ready to become a host to welcome the world at technopolis. the main theme revolves around the impacts of the creative industries in digital convergence that shape our everyday at a fast-changing pace. 
they want to celebrate this with a tower.
what are they willing to embrace?  


rising sun

the new landmark of a city that always gives a vibrant energy 

the rising sun is a new landmark for buenos aires and expo 2023 inspired by the golden sun which is an elemental source of energy that brings joy and liveliness to where it shines and also an important feature in the culture as well as a symbol of the national flag of argentina. a primitive form of radiating sunbeams is extruded along the height as a void disrupts the scene to engage a viewpoint around 35m and downsizes rising to the sky to support the existing and future communication antennas. the sun shaped plan prolongs the perimeter compared to circular or rectangular planes of the same area. rotating rays of the sun indicate the axises of square, central boulevard and geographical directions, behaving as a compass for the visitors.







430 m2


buenos aires

public space



2nd place

the tower generated from a ‘sun-shape’ plan to surface is not only with a reference to the culture, history and nature of the city and nation, but also increasing ‘interaction surface’ composed both in ground and observation levels.

a steel deck attached to a central core, the tower has potential additional volumes between 0-35 meters if required, until that moment it would be creating incredible shadow games for whom taking his or her way to the tower.

transparent recycled fabric surface, smoothly movie and wave with the wind, generating spectacular shadow plays during the day, lighting the night up, when the sun goes down totally.

series of steel ropes attached to the main frames at the top and lower parts of the decks, generating a smooth and light structure for the outher skin of the tower.


       how do we express the spirit of the city, nation, and geography with an antenna tower, a simple gesture that also becomes a timeless landmark of society and correlates with the theme of expo 2023; creative industries in digital convergence?


with a rather easy and economic structural strategy, the core takes the elevator inside and is surrounded with the stairs up to the observation deck. descending smoothly after the end of elevators' machine room, providing technical spaces for possible communication devices on different levels.

in the legacy stage the tower could be used as a real time data collecter and reporter with algorithms of various features like weather, the mood of people, the number of expo visitors, festival nights, national days...etc. interacting in form of light and color, creating a language for itself, making it behave one step closer to human as the symbol of the technologhy achieved so far.


         "the rising sun" discourses on an important piece of argentina's culture, soul and flag; the sun, that shines over all the nation around most of the year, an expression of the vibrant culture and life of the city, day and night, also the eponym of the city as good day, good air, nice weather : 'buenos aires'


      slimming through the sky, the rising sun with a simple geometry from the ground, shaped by the codes of the nation and the geography, which ascends from the grounds of buenos aires and rises into the sky, next to the shining stars, performing as a compass anywhere from the city.



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