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in the convergence of four rural districts united under one roof grouped as losbates. next to wild woods and sweet homes with pitched roofs blends in this contemporary learning environment, taking students from one home to another where they get along with their bigger family and enjoy learning with mother nature and become caring children of the world.  


hey guys, what about taking the next class outside?

losbates school

teaches children the world in tune with nature

envisioned as a place where cultural and educational events meet the community, the new school of losbates group is not only a fulfilling of a dream lasting from the past but a platform for future relations of possibilities, after hard negotiations with restrictions of nature. the region has a domestic character with high pitched roofs, scattered along with gardens. the basic design idea states a metaphorical home for a "big family" of four districts.  with a “divide and conquer” algorithm correspondsing to phrases like pieces, modular units, distribution, sliding, displacement, disintegration, withdrawal, offset, composition etc, the space is claimed easily, with a potential of endless possibilities to create solutions unique to its users and requirements without compromising dreams and desires.







7.800 m2



public space



the territory, residing in the view of unique inter-landscape of lounovice and as a part of the "neighbourhood path", plays a transition role in between the urban area and the wilderness, which is one of the main objectives of the project to be sustained as a development of a rurban vision, so it is crucial to integrate the “three parts, entry square and neighbourhood path” urban concepts into the project as a scenario of simple daily life.

the “forest safety zone” makes it an easy decision to leave the one third of the plot (50m) unbuilt and thus creates the transition zone between the “neighbourhood path” along the forest which is to be connected to the main visitor entrance to the north providing a home to public functions as a welcoming extended playground with indoor and outdoor sports facilities and special events at the auditorium.


how can we design an education building, which triggers communication and connection that articulate the space with joys and curiosity of children, growing a positive impact and also making it in a more affordable and sustainable way?


on the east, the intersection of the plot with soubezna street -both horizontal and vertical ones with the new connection to the kutnohorska I/2 road- creates the major access to the main square of the school through a withdrawal which welcomes the wide and spacious "education and teaching gardens" extended all along the west-east direction of the terrain, linearity supported with a shared transition space.


in that manner, “entry square west” and “three parts” inter-landscape as the new and enriching public spaces of the municipality will sustain an important role of nodes and flows as an percept image improvising both physical and psychological comfort especially for the abroad children coming from the neighbourhood villages with community buses and than walking along approximately 250m to reach the schoolyard.

     connecting and uniting primary and secondary classes with a public hall, education blocks with simple geometry and plan include courtyards inside, which become a playground and social hub, alongside allowing abundant sunshine and nature deeper in the short breaks or playtime between lessons.



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