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Welcome to Quzhou, where the seamless fusion of nature and innovation creates a vibrant tapestry of excitement and limitless possibilities. Our dynamic transit hub, adorned with iconic high-speed railway lines, invites you into a world of exploration. Smart technology seamlessly enriches daily life, and the tranquil City Garden Corridor beckons for your discovery.

Look to the sky, and you'll find the Gateway Towers, proud symbols of our community's values—curiosity and warmth. In Quzhou, each day is an invitation to a shared journey of continuous fascination and wonder. "Discover, Connect, Thrive" is not just a motto; it's our promise. Your journey begins here, in Quzhou, a city that warmly welcomes you to embrace boundless possibilities.

Proposal offering a new gate under these circumstances, at the end of the ‘City Garden Corridor’ ascending into sky  connecting city into new horizons as a part of the movement, creating visual connections with the city, while offering a new attraction point under and between two rising towers.


This is a gate connecting the city into nature, a gate taking you to different horizons, and a gate gathering people together under.


A symbolic and functional space for  an emerging city. A point that hyperlinks the city and people together and far away.


how can a new town, destined to be the country's primary transfer node, forge a distinctive identity? By artfully blending dynamism, culture, history, and societal habits, becoming a central point that encourages interactions and connections between community, nature, and the city. This intentional integration ensures the town evolves into a vibrant hub reflecting the spirit and values of its people.


the hearth of the city

Where urban heart meets nature, linking into a transit hub with a green corridor, offering comfortable pedestrian and public flow between plot1 & plot 2, and holding on to the city with plot 3.

flowing to the lake

As an extension of Quzhouxi Station, the City Garden Corridor blends seamlessly between the project sites and connects to Wenli Lake without visual or physical interruption, offering a green network.

massing in between

Slightly differentiating from office blocks with an organic and traditional building code, matching up the scale project offers various sections on ground level, triggering diversity.


rising through :  gateway

offering two gateway towers around ‚a new square’ connecting the boulevard to Wenli lake, a new place for interactions, and two small towers sideways to create a continuous image reflecting the ‚movement, speed, and dynamism’ of the new spirit of the city.

twisting around : linking the city

Taking the track lines as movement pathways from the Quzhouxi Railway Station, the proposal offers a link node in between the towers, and they are towers facing through the significant points and creating visual connections as a part of a public network.

programatic scheme

3 separate lightweight buildings, propose lower floors and higher floors in different typologies with flexible spaces. Each building has two pedestrian entrances for higher and lower floors, also offering free staging.


Ascension: the hyperlinked gateway is at a perfect point to play the role of a seamless mediator between nature and urban, ready-to-interact landmarks interweaving a series of social, cultural, technological, and sportive events. as the building complex locates in a bunch of lines as a future reminiscent of the railway tracks of Quzhouix railway station and connects to the city through these lines that ascend into a 3-dimensional sculptural structure, and revolve around to have an eye on each landmark, respectively, absorbing, embracing and reflecting the surrounding. 

two gateway towers encircling 'a new square,' seamlessly connecting the boulevard to Wenli Lake, this becomes a fresh space for vibrant interactions, complemented by two small towers positioned sideways to craft a continuous visual narrative, reflecting the movement, speed, and dynamism emblematic of the new spirit of the city.

Based on the current location, how to create a gateway image for Quzhou, and shape the city skyline for High-Speed Railway New Town together with the surrounding landmarks..?


To give a proper answer to these questions, we should first consider the values the city already has and go further to create new ones. Quzhou is already rich with existing or prospective landmark agendas. The site is in a perfect place to act as an oculus of the city.

The new buildings take the high-speed railway lines and turn them into a base design line, creating an effect of velocity, momentum, and acceleration.


These lines disrupt the existing view of greenery and take up to enhance its reflective power. As the speed goes down, like a rollercoaster going down, the sideway blocks form with their lateral energy and connect to the city.


         The Ascension Hyperlink Gateway distinguishes itself from the surrounding urban environment through a unique morphological and visual approach, serving as a visual landmark that adeptly reflects and connects with the physical surroundings, strategically facing and linking key points to contribute significantly to the development of a comprehensive and interconnected urban network.



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