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You'll forget to leave the house or the office, no matter which, because you'll take the day off without stepping foot outside the door of this timeless landmark on the Dubai skyline, an innovative statement of the future designed to offer its residents a new and exciting place to live, work and play, while capturing the roots of geography, culture and changing times. Each view is unique, just like each sand, each pearl, each time.

garden dunes

lingering in the wind, shimmering in the sun: in search of the horizon

As time goes by, it changes everything it touches; nothing stays the same, and it is encrypted in this culture's roots that time has been nothing but a mysterious gift. Dunes meander with the wind as sailing boats drift on the horizon, and in the meantime, sand particles turn into pearls. In the spirit of this transformative power of time and its energetic morphing effects, which usually result in creating untethered emotions and thus shifting souls, "Garden Dunes" is the epitome of these dramatic senses of time in this city of future and its façade architecture becomes an act of amplification - strengthening and augmenting the characteristics and properties of the surrounding environment they share.








94.000 m2






2nd place

Inspired by the ever-changing shape of a sand dune, the façade is an interplay between light shadow and wind. As light flows over the sinuous ridge of its sharp edges, the striated lines are softly illuminated to reveal how like the skysail lingers in the wind and as well shimmers like a pearl in the revolving sun, GARDEN DUNES pierces the sky radiating longitudinal twirling-up terraces that turn their faces to the setting sun with the surface's amplified energy. In this way, undesirable ramifications of the UV lights, especially on the upper floors, are avoided.  Also the wind force on the building is carried upward sinuously, reducing the load off the façade and maintaining healthy ventilation. The terraces gush with greens indigenous to the area, maintaining a comfortable visual and acoustic zone for relaxing during the day. Also, the twirling effect provides every resident with a unique scenery of this unbelievable cityscape. 

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morphic traces of the geographical and cultural

memory embedded into the moment is what makes this skyscraper iconic and timeless; also the new age regenerative elements that promote

physical and emotional health.

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On the sidebar, the gradient intensity also presents the viewers from a distance and passers-by walking down the street with a unique taste of architecture with light, shadow, and reflection games, feeding their sensory perception by responding to its blurred edge conditions.

The new façade dissolves into five lengthwise slits that consist of 31870 meters long metal panels in total, mounted on one side of the twirling terraces, providing the privacy of the next-door neighbor. These metal panels incorporate a mixture of solar films and a special dichroic foil, which generate a mother-of-pearl effect during the day. At night, LED lights create a wide variety of visual effects. The facade can respond in particular to the dynamics of atmospheric conditions and is observed in distinctive perspectives from different angles throughout time.

The façade plays with the energies of the surrounding environment and architecture and becomes one of the main urban landmarks of the city. No matter which floor you are at nature merges with the city and you can comfortably relax while the cityscape glows back at you from the reflection games of the façade and sky.

        inspired by the ever-changing shape of a sand dune, one of a kind element of the region, the façade is an interplay between light, shadow and wind, all along the sky gardens that are regenerated with the dune cast hollow metal stripes, which dew-collect and distribute water to each terrace for a long and prosperous life.

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the façade plays with and amplifies the energies

of the surrounding environment and architecture; becoming one of the main urban landmarks

of the city.

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