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In a world with limited resources, we will journey in a different path to give life a means to survive. A journey that will begin within us and be handed down to the next generations.
It is a long journey, so we need to stop and recharge ourselves from time to time to pick up steam and maintain our courses right back on track ! 
c u on the cone !

e-cone steps in as a roadside EV recharge station that uses the possible minimum footprint of carbon and ground for 22 cars. A modular structural and engineered glued laminated timber canopy system circulates up around like the seeds of a cone, an important resource for the country, creating a loop for the passengers to enter and exit conveniently in cases of emergency. It also gives the opportunity for charging different vehicle heights.

e-cone makes use of a looping system to maintain the minimum space possible. The entrance and exit make the vehicles slow down with radial lines that come from the circle and go ahead as narrow paths to the surrounding forest.

Around the looping road, a maze of narrow paths, inspired by the national flag emblem, maple leaf, gives opportunities to stretch legs more and some alone time, maybe. 


           Why is waiting so hard, especially what we do is waiting? Why are we frustrated at those moments? How can we make those times more tolerable? Where would we rather be? What makes us forget where we are and what we were doing?

Even where we were going!


The upper courtyard is a guide to locating yourself in geography. Each angle gives important and sometimes trivial information about a city, a natural park, a mountain, a lake, a person of interest, a landmark, an animal, another city... and so on, which are ahead of or already behind in your journey and giving clues of your whereabouts or where you are going.


Each e-cone has its unique guiding system for local and foreign visitors. This makes the story of every journey unique, depending on which e-cone you have visited.


It would also create possibilities to interact and communicate with other e-cones and support a network to gather information beforehand which could help adjust your route.

          e-cone is where you forget yourself, blend into the flow and relax while poking around and exploring the surrounding. e-cone makes your mind wander around in a cone of wooden solar garden, letting nature heal your spirit and fuel your car at the same time. More people around the merrier. Everyone can have their corner and be together.


An inner courtyard welcomes the passengers, as they are waiting for their car to re-charge and probably more with a coffee shop to wake up, a market to snack, a workspace to check the unnecessary emails, and lounges to chill down and relax. This enclosed courtyard circles around for a cozy and warm environment that can help shape a community of EV riders.


Analog and digital post-it boards and apps could also support a long game during the journey, connecting passengers to each other wherever they go, providing real-time information about the weather, condition of the roads, any obstacles, and of course invitations to blind meetings. Besides, apps enabling live streams of any journey can help enthusiasts go around the country following your tracks with gained experience.  


       A safe space for children, the inner courtyard creates a relatively isolated and silent environment to relax and chill in connection with the public amenities.


functional dia_edited.jpg

The inner courtyard, upper court, and outer park help create distinctive visuals and experiences.

Walkable grid solar panels spread on the ground of the upper court to harvest the sun and produce electricity. Strategically located heating panels meltdown and help collect just enough snow water and sustain the local and endemic plantation of the place, and also maintain drinkable water. These cycles will also foster a small amount of biodiversity.


Electric vehicles have been in demand for the last decade, however, it would not have been possible with networked charging stations spread along the highways. e-cone can easily help shape road-side parks and also create a community with a passion for the world.


      A physical guide for local and foreign passengers, the upper court is quite a place for souvenir photos and romantic kisses. You might also try meditating with a summer breeze.  ...  

And as the night covers the roads, e-cones blend into the dark with a shine on their faces, becoming an icon of safety, homey, and "one more cup of coffee before we hit the road" place, and the loop starts !                       



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