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a  community center devoting themselves to the young generations to expand their skills in creating k-pop music that has become a worldwide genre. a place to hang out even you don't feel like doing anything, but a place you want your voice to be heard. it doesn't matter in which army you are. they wanna listen to your music.

are you ready to play?

creative music & sound center

is now open for the young minds around to develop their abilities

one of the most exciting and challenging productions of the world, music has a great history and a great future. in terms of running for new horizons, music has always had an experimental and mathematical infrastructure, which based on inspiration and creativity, supported by interaction, hard work, and communication. open-minded individuals, having strong relations within their world, get the opportunity to offer more input for this magical experimentation. the project is offering a strong relationship with its surrounding by floating planes over one another, with the flexibility of articulation with the element of deviation, variation, and improvisation in individual floors. every floor above the ground is exactly in the same dimensions except for changing coordinates and composing their own performances in each different level and giving its user an experience of heterophonic space, the same melodic line, with slight individual variations. In this case, sliding planes distort and invert the box inside out and constitute changing exterior and interior spaces which engage at a different level of perception with the user and its world.







5.800 m2



public space




to generate a strong relationship with its surrounding, the project offers garden terraces, that are accessible from all floors, extending experimental indoor use to outside and expressing the unifying of the human being and nature as one body, the building also behaves as an instrument of the city, not solely serving as a one function facility but standing out as a cultural, artistic and natural attraction point. the building resides horizontally, giving a chance to the urban green void across north-west part of the street and is also takes a leaf from the hills that are over the eastern part of the site.

even though it is out of the central zone, the site resides on a very common road-side, making it a possible hot spot destination, with a bus-stop at northwest side, and a ‘transit bicycle road’ at south-east side. proudly triangulating a corner-site, possesses a great potential to generate connections and manage interaction with its surrounding.

        can we benefit from inticricate and tangled spaces to initiate interactive and creative working environment for a music hub which holds a strong connection with nature and stands out from the urban tissue around?


the very new facility would stimulate a ‘dynamo effect’ with its young minds and energy. the center would trigger production, interaction, and creativity, by increasing possibilities of communication and creation. the very most dynamic potential of occupants, the center would foster a new identity in the neighborhood. as an extrovert public space, ‘center’ is to enhance and support interaction, not only on an individual human scale but also in public and urban scale, by forming a new communication and programming idea.


         emerging as a reflection of musical creation, the articulation of the space in the form of stacked, floating and robust planes is to achieve an interaction between the interior and exterior, the building and the city, the human and the nature as a one unified body which is to be maintained with inseperable integrity.



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