:: the wave : the aura ::

in this heroic land of “a thousand lakes”, “turku wave” is a quest for an old port revitalized into a new heart for the city, the endpoint of the development and expansion of the old city center to the harbor. the wave propagates along the river aura shoreline with a rippling effect, increasing the physical holding capacity of the area that people interact with and enhancing functional maintainability adapted to sea-level change by the help of temporary and permanent graded platforms, composing a wide-spectrum of wave terraces behaving like an invisible barrier against, thus giving the probability of everchanging coastal use scenarios during seasonal transitions, floods, and climate change.  

the problem, the solution, initial phasing

current situation: a busy port

Being the port of the city and connection point with the great archipelago and islands of Finland, Linnanniemi becomes a very busy transportation center. The geographical value is advantageous for logistics; the transportation concept gets ahead of the natural and historical value, consumes the surrounding, and causes the castle territory knuckle under the mass port and car traffic. However, the Turku city has not given up, and now it is time to find a way to claim the territory back to public utilization.

idea: extending Turku castle park 

castle Island has retreated itself from the chaotic traffic density around the coast due to port functioning. The project offers to extend castle island through to the waterline by using the same texture as the existing park, and transform the area into a modest museum which offers different kinds of gathering possibilities for castle park events and becomes the gravity point of newly leveled and raised coastline. the extended castle park naturally and smoothly expands, dividing the area into two while serving as connective tissue between the city and the shore. 

idea: an open-air museum

the wave system knitted various elements that are attached to the leveled coastline, offering a variety of public spaces used for all ages along the river. These nodes are generating an open-air public space use, which attracts people to hang around, together with the new extension of ‘maritime and forum marinum museum’ on the right. on the left, the node is the existing hotel transformed into a  ‘culture house and activity space’ which would eventually become a new spot not only for tourists but also the residents and citizens.

and so begins the life

starting from the wavey public space along the coastline, publicity of space decline with the use of housing blocks on the right, and office blocks on the left. semi-private mini-parks accommodate in between the blocks. commercial ground floors welcome the users from all directions with pedestrian-only or shared streets and large pavements. So the collective space starting from the castle and the park spreads through the shore and then rippling to the inner parts of the territory to make start a new neighborhood, a new community, in the backyard of the biggest park of the city.

the new heart for Turku

with the completion of the park, museum extensions, and all blocks around the district, there would flourish a new identity of the Linnanniemi for the upcoming decades. An interactive territory both virtual and physical would share a cosmopolite and diverse community to live, produce, and share. You are welcome to hang around. a new district more than an attraction point. a new heart for the city. 

design access statement

approach to the existing  structure

it is not fair to the world to demolish an existing structure however you need to let go if it has already accomplished its mission and become obsolete. it is one of the main decisions to demolish the outdated terminal buildings which are to be re-built and transform the area with its right to more open, public and green spaces. 

pedestrian circulation continuity

narrow and serpentine pathways of the castle park inspire us to interweave new ones that move along smoothly to shape the mingling sinuous waves of the new riverbank, like an expanding rippling effect, which provides a starting point, an integrative network that competes for continuous, flexible and unpredictable new connections with pedestrian-only and shared service streets between both ends of the site, and so the aura river, weaving the shoreline thread by thread with different levels of functions and landscape.   

green expansion and flux

thanks to history, the one and only green area of the harbor is around the castle, which is already looking forward to being extended to the river and connect to the water. the park expands approximately three hectares, supporting well-being, exercise, and fresh air. this also provides a vast sustainable area to challenge the storm and flood water seasons,  and generate an invisible and lively barrier for the river bank.

the developmental phase of new buildings

from dark blue to light blue, the buildings would be constructed in phases starting from the main functional nodes of the site; the landmarks to be, museum of history and the future, forum marinum extension, culture house, and indoor event space.   after the main nodes, the first row of the shoreline would be constructed to maintain a functioning linear image from the boats or föri, attracting visitors already as the project develops. 

existing and added trees

the existing trees around the castle and existing buildings are protected and supported with new ones as much as possible with human-scale shared streets and pedestrian shoreline. the new landscape would serve as an educative arboretum as well as a horticultural land which consists of fruit trees, aromatic flowers, and herbs, encouraging family and friends time, besides a meditative and healthy lifestyle. 

ground traffic and parking lots

open street parking around the vicinity 800 cars

multistorey parking around 400 cars

the overall competition area is pedestrian-friendly and shared streets are used for service purposes at specific times and preferably with a permit which would encourage walking around. As result, this would also help reduce carbon footprint. the main road to the north of the castle is connected to the public terminal hub and underground parking. 

possible underground parking

constructing an underground parking lot under new buildings would contribute to more public space and help to raise the level of the system with less soiling possible. about 30-40.000m2  area would provide 900 to 1100 cars parking lot which could also be accessible from the public terminal traffic hub or directly be connected if deemed necessary. car entry and exit points merge from both sides, also with pedestrian exits from the new buildings and the park. 

culture house and indoor event space: commercial pedestrian axis

converted from the existing hotel block, Culturehouse is one of the main nodes of the shoreline along with other museums, alluring the users with its shining transparent coat behind the historical facade and held fancy balls, conferences, events and programs. the new well-being hotel blocks charm the visitors for two more days with its appealing scenery and a pedestrian shopping street which goes all along the shore and also the parallel street, vibrating from the forum marinum square.  the district is a mini technopolis, focusing on the creative industry and its products, with young entrepreneurs, using Turku’s high tech business infrastructure as a basis for creating a brand.

forum marinum extension: an open-air museum

revealing itself starting from the forum marinum extension, an open-air museum extends along the shore, up to the new terminal edge, giving an opinion about the history, present, and future of Turku, especially concentrating on the “here and now” motto, as a figurative and basic bonding element of history (the castle) and future (the museum) notions. Thus, the new museum buildings, initially to begin with forum marinum extension propagates and alienates itself against its originating building and as if flowing through time, becomes fluid, greeting the new era of digital manufacturing.

the castle: the park:: the museum: the square 

museum of the history and future is shaped like a big rippling and swaying effect of the earth and water as the park extends from the castle to the shoreline. the castle, museum, and park triangle is envisioned as a space that brings people together and is setting in motion several activities at the same time in relatively remote areas, including various functions promoting collective actions within four seasons. the sloping topography of the museum enables both keeping a tab on the castle and the river.  the museum square serves a capacity of ten thousand people for concerts with the help of floating stages and platforms. hockey tournaments and “blades of glory” festivals are held when the surface of the river becomes suitable. also, extended castle park allows performing various professional and amateur endeavors along with the square, supporting relaxing and well-being activities, sports facilities, playgrounds, sculpture trails, mini-kiosks, cafes, restaurants, beer gardens, temporary market squares and so on.

turku wave

Linnanniemi International Design Competition . 2020 . TURKU . FINLAND . 365.512m²