the images that always strive to turn their faces to the sun your irretrievably disappearing past don’t worry all your documents recovered at the time of a sudden danger from your consciousness hah!these are my forgotten ones I have got no idea of yours don’t hesitate to stroll with calendars--this does not aim especially anything -if there is no hu/man in the room, is it really a hu/man technology!!the distilled movements of the neanderthal hundreds of thousands, your flexible bodies and intentionally alienated transparent digital glances -did not get tired of seeing!! ---was a huge hole in the belly of the city where you carried your dead bodies same as a lover with the help of your mechanized muscles, abonded to crammed full starvation your soil, your fire, your water, your air as it should have to be in any place might be a dream the milk that goshed out her breast was tasteless at nights went donwstairs to your keller and carefully listened to her legs exhausted of dancing --people, plants, animals -the creaking of a part in metals -the creaking of an evening in metals -ones without sound makes me scared -but please stop talking --you used to love the crowds formerly what happened then? the one going in the bus, in the boat, in the bike, in the subway hey you going to work, going to home, going shopping, going to a football game, to watch television, to have a dinner, to play a game, to talk to, to listen to music, to play a game, to get drunken --going to a museum to check your murders and you, that is going to murder, hey another you, going to love those murdered ones leave me alone you want to say but consciously they are going to laugh then smile hey come on, more lively, with your whole honesty wity your whole triangularity ok that is it! --oh! there is really very little that sounds strange for you any more -however you are amazed by everything, that feel you have for everyting you get excited in rejunavates me in every a hundred years


-I am used to it, I am really so/very used to it and now you are aware of it more or less it is the deads that win in the end --my human life was not as different as I supposed -your human life is not as different as you supposed