...so you see this is the real intellectual honour. If there is no obvious problem at all and if the problem is not real, there is no use of being unfaithful to the problem!                                                                                                                                                                    boris vian

 At first there were only images, phenomenons limited to the naked eyes, with no meaning or purpose. Then came the sounds, propagating in the voids of earth. It took some time to give meaning to those sounds and it took more to write them down. Now everything has turned to images, images that see.
There were no escapes so I have lived.                                                                                                                                          else z. anati

Created for a fictious project ‘Else Z. Anati’ is a fictious women character that the World’s soul possesses her body, especially on the times of big events, like wars or natural disasters that held without her knowledge or some political or religious transformations that may again also make way to wars. So Else is a kind of agent formed in a human body, has been living before the beginning of the time, however she doesn’t die and she doesn’t get old, and she is already dead a thousands time, she retreats from time to time to rest and make her own collection of memories without the knowledge of the World- but only the World can say when, so she doesn’t know when she is to stop living and because she is tired, her feelings getting decayed, getting confused especially with the dense images of the nowadays, she tries to stay sane by collecting. She is not a real inhabitant of the world but she has seen a lot of things, written down a lot of diaries, read millions of books, watched more than that films, even serials, and recorded a lot of events, listened to and heard a lot of people. As a supernatural outsider and a second hand user, she manages those information more than anyone else. She cannot stop asking herself since ‘If a memoir is not remembered, is it still a memoir?’

A HUNDRED YEARS LATER <as text appears on blank scene some particular news are heard from 1990s upto the 2015s> mors certa, hora incerta..der tod ist gewiss, seine stunde (aber) ungewiss. DEATH! ON TIME! end of the wake up scene 30sec <sound of a shot gun wtihout an image sudden darkness > a list of news should be made in a chronological order some images can be seen but in a manner like zapping on TV very fast /or just three or four very important news to date 1900and 2009 <woman voice talking to herself but seems to talk someone else> <rain sound and a soft music>there were days she would look at from such several windows like this, but it is not this one, thinking… but it all seems to be a dream which sees and seems to be in a dream -- the recall all of these things BUT BEFORE… <end of window scene > 10sec <the sound of a door knocking… the woman voice saying > BUT BEFORE… LET’S GO OUTSIDE BEFORE GETTING IN THE HOUSE LET’S GO OUTSIDE and look for the footprints of the time <the sound of a door opening and closing>