the rising sun

the new landmark of Buenos Aires


the rising sun is a new landmark for Buenos Aires and Expo 2023 inspired by the golden sun which is an elemental source of energy that brings joy and liveliness to where it shines and also an important feature in the culture as well as a symbol of the national flag of Argentina.


a primitive form of radiating sunbeams is extruded along with the height as a void disrupts the scene to engage a viewpoint around 35m and downsizes rising to the sky to support the existing and future communication antennas. the sun shaped plan prolongs the perimeter compared to circular or rectangular planes of the same area. rotating rays of the sun indicate the axes of the square, central boulevard, and geographical directions, behaving like a compass for the visitors. 


suspended tensile fabric system is used to constitute a lightweight structure. The textile cover is a transparent basis to a digital interface for communicating in various forms of technology (IoT, augmented reality, vr.. etc) promoting collective digital media art and interactive community of expo.


in the legacy stage it could be used as a real-time data collecter and reporter with algorithms of various features like weather, the mood of people, the number of expo visitors, festival nights, national days...interacting in form of light and color, creating a language for itself, making it a one step closer to human as the symbol of the technology achieved so far.

EXPO 2023 Argentina Buenos Aires focuses on creative industries

Articulating science, art, and technology, profit-making, employment creation, boosting minds, sharing outcomes, improving life quality and generating sustainable growth. The backbone of the new economy is the convergence between content, networks, platforms and technological applications, and its encounter with industries and activities based on creativity. The target is to show the value of the ideas in an economy where talented minds and brains compete with each other.

the rising sun

EXPO 2023 Antena and Viewpoint . 2019 . BUENOS AIRES . ARGENTINA . 430m²    //2nd PRIZE