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Ortaköy is a very dense and one of the most problematic districts of Beşiktaş, Istanbul, with a population of around 10.000 people. The inadequate infrastructure, the traffic, mostly and supposedly preserved historical texture that goes as far as the Ancient times causing limitations with unsoluble situations, the attached buildings all along the old river line, the lack of spacey apartments and green areas around makes the district unbearable, however it is very close to the main transportation lines, right under one of the giant columns of Bosphorus Bridge which make it an attractive place to hang around especially for the weekend and nighttime events (which actually affects the residents of the district), and the cosy mediaeval streets that accommodate small cafes and shops, make a big difference to create redundant price ratio of real estates and trading, which can be explained with the pain and joy model of Hinton, shortly and roughly referring to ‘enduring or ignoring the pain with the hope of promised joy’ showing unwillingly the sacrifices that the city dwellers face to face and have to make every day.


In that matter, Şair Necati Apartment is no different from any other urban renewal projects, however, it is a very small one due to the ownership and the contractor, which is actually one of the main problems of this supposedly urban renewal approach. However some cases can be taken into consideration one by one like this, the motto should have been ‘destruct to construct much better-living conditions integrated with the surrounding’. In most practices, it is not the case, as in this one unit building renewal. There are some other elements that make it so, like the historical building on the next parcel which also adds extra limitations for the project to be taken into consideration.


Three stories from the street side, basement floor reveals a small garden facing the Bosphorus Bridge. The entrance floor accommodates a 2+1 flat, first floor two units of 1+1 flat and the second floor two units of 2+1 flats combined with the rooftop. The strategy was to use the rectangular plan at its most efficient way. The facade delivered wide and simple openings accordingly with the functions.