Basic idea of the building and facade design comes from the local housing facade typology with hipped roof design, which is a solution to hard weather conditions, is combined with the school perception of children, allowing a visual transition to the newly introduced territories and lessen perceptual disorder while adopting their new public environment apart from their home.





The school departments are divided into separate buildings like Primary Level, Secondary Level, and independent ones such as Preschool, Art School and Gymnasium, however, they are combined with either interior spaces or exterior squares as the functions required.


The Primary and Secondary levels share common public and semi-public spaces on the ground floor like Cafeteria, Auditorium, and Library. Also, the Administration is located on the ground floor of the Primary level which makes it equal in distance either from north or west entrance. The inner court serves as a tranquiliser space for both Administration and Library. It also provides controlled air flow into the interaction corridor upper floors. A simple layout is provided to make sure children do not disorientate and create controlled individual space to adapt slowly. The Secondary level corridor is much more interactive since the children on that level are not new with the rules of educational and social life. The podium on the ground floor enhances the unexpected encounters within school life. Caretaker flat and School facilities are located behind the podium creating a wall for digital presentations and interactions. Caretaker flat and School Facilities are accessed from the service road and only an access for the control room is provided from interior for emergency situations. It is located on the south part of the plot like Flats for personnel for best benefit of weather conditions and neighbourhood relations.


Also, the staff rooms reside on the ground floor for both under the Primary and Secondary Levels.


The kitchen of the cafeteria takes service from the Teaching garden on the east. The upper floor of the service zone is also for technical areas of the school. The cafeteria can be reached both from north and west entrances. It can also be separated from the Auditorium zone if wanted. The gymnasium is not directly connected to the Cafeteria zone but can easily be reached if wanted. Gymnasium serves both for the outdoor sports facilities on the north and Teaching garden on the south.


The public spaces on the ground floor give way to non-public teaching spaces on the upper floors.


Preschool and Art School are independent of the main public ground floor for both operational and child development issues. Preschool is designed around a small garden combined with preschool activities.


Both Primary and Secondary Levels are connected to their own Expansion buildings with one of the extensions of the inner yard corridors. Gymnasium change rooms and facilities serve both indoor and outdoor sports facilities and are extended to the right with the same system. The education and teaching process is not interrupted spatially during construction of expansion buildings, however, there would be noise to be avoided.