So this leads to the idea of the “divide and conquers”problem-solving algorithm which gave an opportunity to easily manage the restrictions and the requirements of the project. Thereupon the system is first divided into components, handled its necessities with care and then integrated back into the system, using elements like smaller pieces, modular units, repetition, distribution, sliding, displacement, disintegration, withdrawal, offset, composition... etc.


So the first data creates the school Education Entrance. As the new Soubezna road from the Kutnohorska I/2 road leads to the west Education square, it provides direct access to Primary and Secondary levels, as well as Preschool and Art School.


The visual and spatial subdivision of the departments, combined with interior platforms and exterior squares, make it easier for the kids to recognize and own their levels,  claim their space, adapt to a new kind of discipline apart from home, experience without fear and integrate easily into social life, creating space and time triggered memories.

The second and third data gives way to the Visitor Entrance to the north, integrated with the Neighbourhood Path encourages the combination of public spaces such as a playground, outdoor and indoor sports facilities and Auditorium which can be operated separately from the school without interrupting the teaching functions.


To handle the level change from south to north the buildings are located onto their corresponding levels, which ensures far fewer excavations for the buildings.


The building units are located horizontally along the east-west direction for best use of level changes as well as for best use of the sun. Also, inner courts eliminate the disadvantages of hard weather conditions and enhance social life creating visual and aural interaction. Service road and staff car park on the south provides a shield from the housing units. Operational and functional requirements give data for the locations, dimensions, and links of the units. Finally, all the units are combined either with interior or exterior public or semi-public spaces.




The main aim of the project is to design an economical construction and aesthetical facade solution. Functions that are combined with a concrete grid system and modular precast concrete facade panels lessen the time of construction and casualties.  

Glulam beams are proposed to supply wide openings of the Gymnasium. Modular translucent and opaque polycarbonate wall panels provide filtered daylight and economical solution for both light, sound and heat insulation.