A Tale of Two Cities (in one)

Dystopian reflections of war

Kakuma is to celebrate the silver anniversary of its existence. Allegedly transient place of “no man’s land” from 18 nations waiting to return home when the wars are over, however noone expects anytime soon.


The emperor has no clothes! or does he? The city is there virtual or not, difficult to grasp at first sight, even the maps work hard to hide.


Urbanization in the making

“They were not supposed to last this long!”


“...accomodate new comers, waste disposal, lay roads, be environmental friendly, prevent floods, epidemics etc. …”


What about life?


Since the ancient times marketplaces worked not only as places for selling and purchasing goods but to integrate within the public realm in a wide range platform where you feel the vibe of the city and gravitated to it.


...to be constituted by enthusiastic experienced traders of men and women that would show the benefits of the marketplace to help people create their own stories and rewrite the others of women, men and children.