Zümrütevler is a newly developing district of Maltepe, Istanbul, right above the express way E-5, where all the Princess Island’s amazing view can be seen from this vey rare point. Also a nearby forest not yet invaded, supplements an extraordinary fresh air for now, as dwellers say. However these make Zümrütevler attractive, it is impossible to say that for insufficient infrastructure, declivitious roads, squatter settlements intertwined with luxuorious residental sites which also have huge walls seperating the others, without any landscape, vegetation or at least any random trees to settle down half of the roads. So it is not really a nice place to start with built or unbuilt, natural or artificial areas of the district.


It is necessary to implement that it is an urban renewal project, with 248 existing users, settling on 6 seperate blocks. The buildings were built 18 years ago, before the infamous ‘99 earthquake, supposedly according to regulations, however then it was not the issue.  


Maltepe Terraces is a 600 units housing project in a parcell of 14.000m² in the district of Zümrütevler. According to the Urban Transformation Rules in İstanbul, the site gives the ratio of 2.5 which gives the opportunity to make 35.000m2 of housing units. 2 Blocks and 30 storey of 3+1/2+1/1+1 flats are designed and 248 units of the 2+1 flats are considered for the existing users.


A social area with fitness, indoor pool, play area and lounge  is planned in between the blocks, an outdoor half olympic pool with bar is located behind the blocks and the whole area is left greenstuff and resting places. One of the main problems of the parcell was its approximately 50m incline.


There is a chance to have a great view of the sea and the Princess Islands from the 5th floor. A Block has a shopping area in the ground floor and the location of the blocks are determined to prevent the blocks of Marmaroom standing behind the Maltepe Terraces.