It has been decades that the first men made his special moonwalk on its very surface and the concept itself is still a mystery for an average human being and seems to be a legendary travel; as every unknown phenomenon, the Moon had given a tremendous  amount of issues to work on and inspire for centuries, not only scientific but also cinematic, literary and even musical.


So what inspired us is many, may be  from anyone’s childhood dream, a short version of Little Prince with a shocking elephant-snake element, or a nightmare of Selenities from the Le Voyage Dans La Lune or some extraordinary precise definitions of Jules Verne or dystopic worlds of cutting edge technology science fiction films, or even a love song of Frank Sinatra asking you to join him to the moon, we cannot tell exactly what but a subconscious reflection of all these and those.


So the areas for the scientists are buried underground, Mare Serenitatis or Tranquillitatis seems to have vast and nice craters to draw near and also their peaceful names would draw attention of the tourists.


The lines of a typical crater with holes in it can be seen as the zero point of the conceptual design which also prepares a perfect match to blend into the surrounding and probably helps to create a safe area easy to protect from heavy sunlight, radioactivity, very extraordinary weather changes during day and night and hope from Selenities, exterminators or other creatures we are to define later on.


There is a garden of rocks, to drift off during the day which has eye contacts with the Common Area and the Lab. The Hotel part is up in the air, open to the landscape to let the visitors make efficient observatories and the facade can rotate in itself to get the intended view.  The facade is also from a reflective smart material, which behaves like a chamaeleon, and hides out itself.


In other words...