Mostly one of the main figures of horror films or mystery books, it has been a while that the lighthouses have lost their only purpose of  directing and leading sailors, due to technological advances. They were out there symbolizing one of the main instincts of human, protect the loved ones and avoid them losing way back home, so this inspired a lot.


An incredible  physical network whom are unaware of each other and living at the ends of the worlds, at the end of times, fighting against the very harsh nature since the ancient times, more lonely than a king searching for the secrets of eternal life or blue authors giving orders of life after death, the keepers of these lights may have found the meaning of life in their humble houses, probably with their self-sacrificing wifes and resilient children who have no idea of what it is to be a child.


Still standing alone and mostly left to ruins... with this loneliness and self-destruction at the scene,  imagine a place where you can have your time to deal with yourself, exposure your feelings out at dawn or sunset with a new sense rising to the surface of your mind, while waves are composing a relaxing music and a supernatural visual show, that makes you consider your existentialist situation, you becoming as small as a hole on the rocks, listening to the wind that brings you the most beautiful song, which is not to be sang yet, which of it you can be sure, however you would not listen to the same song again, not easy to grasp,not easy to explain your senses heightened even become concrete as rocks, if you dare, you can name them! Yes you do not have to see!


Time to take advantages of this lonely, resilient, brown minded landscape and heighten your senses to exceed beyond, but please do not hurry and take your time, forasmuch there is no time in here or a very slow one where you can listen to your millions of thoughts per millisecond without missing one, even transcending the boundaries of the physical world, who knows.


However there can be exceptions, if you look all around the world, the structure of a lighthouse is simple and identical as a concept, usually a sylindirical column with a light on top and sometimes additional spaces for housing, which also creates a sole and a symbolic design along with worship places, however the outcome is mostly functional.


In this respect, the monolithic and vertical posture of the lighthouse is converted into linear, monolithic and horizontal lines merging with the rocks, horizon and sea. You can not see them until they are under your nose, you have to trust your instincts and should walk around before entering one of the alienated monoliths of senses, in which you will find yourself or may be not able to recognize anymore, human beings aim for the good, however not sure if it is the issue, when there is no one around in the room. The monolithic light now fallen on the ground and become a transcendental place between nature and plasticity, self abondoning and extracting, exploring and denying, eating and sleeping,hearing and tasting, touching and smelling, seeing and not seeing... so on... as those monolithic tunnels do gently touch the ground, they also do not disturb each other's existence.