The city center of Kayseri does not have a lot of green areas however it can be seen that they are placed in small but efficient courtyards and squares creating an invisible network. The area that the parcel located in, a linear and dense green belt, supported with an express way and a railway, separates the industrial and the residential zone from each other. This linear track gives the starting point of the project both as functional and visual sense.


The building was designed as a barrier parallel to the ground and serving as a buffer and transition zone between the existing settlement area and the planned future land for future social and commercial purposes.


The main entrance to the building was given from one point, but the interim exit was left on the north side in order to provide a future relationship with the reserve area in the rear parcel. The needs program, which is considered as public and private, has been distributed to the structure taking into account possible daily footprints of the users.


Common public open spaces such as the assembly hall, meeting room, foyer and exhibition area and restaurant can be publicly handled and accessed directly from the entrance, and the parcels spread out to form a street texture.


The circulation intensive spaces of the service department can also include a foyer Resolved with standby area. In the design of these places located in the ground level, transparency was kept on the front panel, aiming not to break the visual communication from the beginning to the end of the ground, the ground surface was completely left to the use of the cam. The green belt in the middle of the foyer creates a transition and natural circulation with both a circulation-intensive boundary and a distribution of the exhibition function.


The upper floor functions as a sectional barrier extending the  visual and physical experience and allows the administration and service area reach on an equality of speed. Vertical sunshades and reflectors are used to transfer and manipulate heat and light accordingly in administration and service areas, also maintaining privacy as required.