"Paradisiacal, utopian, dystopian, heteretopian - islands hold an especially enigmatic and beguiling place in our geographical imagination. Existing in juxtaposition to what's around them, islands are figures of otherness and difference. Differentiated from their contexts and as much myth as reality, islands have their own rules, their own stories, their own characters, their own ecologies, their own functions, and their own forms.

The LA+ IMAGINATION open international design ideas competititon asks you to design a new island. You can locate it anywhere in the world, program it any way you want, and give it any form and purpose you can imagine."

There is a good chance that half of the earth’s population have already come across to one of the most important philosophical question beyond time; “If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three things would you bring?” Hey hello, those islands were not aware of your intrusion and this one definitely does not allow anything but you! So forget about notebooks, cellphones, electric generators, boats and whatsoever and please be present.


All right, sometimes, it really gets very traumatic and exhausting especially if you are living in a big city. A lot of images, noises, malodors; concrete buildings, abusive traffic jams, gradually decreasing green areas and dreams of living at the countryside with pumpkins, tomatoes, chickens and cows! Yeah, we thought so! Face your demons, you are not capable of it! May be for a week, or a month if you are stubborn enough. Ok, we all need a brake from this and every other big city but why not a deserted island? Calm down!Hear us out! We get you all covered up!


I.Land is a very small floating deserted island, in the middle of Istanbul, strolling up and down Bosphorus, however do not rely on her coordinates, she does pretty much like to elude. It is not easy to grasp her, she is hidden behind a foggy veil, or is it the city, what no, you know, she is no more than a kilometer long. She does not expect anything but to loose yourself with her and mingle around in her jungle or even get lost, if you are to happily manage, and forget where you are and where you go. Believe us, when we say time has stopped working and you never get old, we mean it! She does like to speed and get you dancing even you don’t know the music! Yeah you get it, she doesn’t need anything but you revealing or even finding out the real you, even it is not always a good thing! You know it is not easy! Hey, don’t go away! Come here my friend! You deserved a discount..


Your safe heaven: I.Land! Whoever ,whatever or wherever you want to be! I.Land! And tell Plato, the cave is long gone! Long live the hidden in plain sight land! I.Land!