//a science-fiction daydream of a small girl imagining herself grown-up at the end of the world sound of a train running at full fling inside a plastic tunnel / a voice of a woman / “nobody knows how it all started, though it was before Van Arkel’s “microworld” captured Jakobsberg Station and created a whole new rail track, going up the hill of Kvarnbacken and then to the tower of Exordium, just half a mile to the Yellow House. I was so small to remember everything clearly but also it is this delusional place that gives you every time another story. Everybody thought they all knew the end of the tale and yet this is one of the ends..one of the beginnings..” / where the usual concept of space-time has collapsed and returned into something magical enough to believe that you have lived several lives. You could see it by looking at the eye.  / Rautavaara: Cantus Arcticus and Radiohead: Bloom fades in as the train sound fades out / the rail goes parallel for a while to Järfällavägen and then enters the site perpendicularly / the tunnel is somehow transparent / the women goes on talking..

“It was first the birds realized that the balance of the earth was no longer there to sustain itself: the mother nature. First crows started falling down the sky. Every evening a lot more would come and mourn for their losses. We would love to watch their hovering and gliding but we were only children. Then times came where pygmy owls, black guillemots and greenish warblers were fooling around together. Even then we did not realize, until it was too late, as we were digging the world and making it all turn into intratelluric empty steel-cement cable wire voids in the names of “sweet homes” of future, we did not realize that we were turning the world inside out, changing not only climate but gravity, as it got eviscerated, and so the time. We thought it would go away after some time, but you could fly to the center of the world as once Jules Verne envisaged some other how. So there was no way back from this, not the way we thought of. I mean we were just children. We had to think of something otherwise no one else would have. It was no American film -no hero would come to rescue- more like European tv series, -we all have had our parts to play- and with the help of cutting edge technology and the knowledge of the ancients we managed to collect our minds on Kvarnbacken Hill, a hundred children, remembered retrospectively to the first day and to the last prospective memory where the world had one of its many endings. So we did it. We saved our world, at least a very small part of it and that was when the van Arkel’s “microworld” transformed into a tunnel of plastic rubbers that created a wormhole between the “macroworld” of our collective minds which were then transferred into the tower of Exordium - a tower of trees intertwined up into the sky, like Jack,Kate and the Beanstalk - and pollinated with trees. It was there for us to figure it out, but we knew we have already created our own ending of the beginning. / a view from the top of Exordium looking at Kvarnbacken Hill and beyond.