Zones which called domicile. This new life style will be housing style more than a city style. This new style will help people to live in these skyscrapers with keeping their old habits.

In case of air rarefaction, there will be gas pumps to help people in their houses and offices. There will be some special glasshouses which are surrounded by constant light and heat to help plants to get through this new life style, and these glasshouses should be prohibited to people who live in these skyscrapers except to officer in charge. Animals food will be changed with a help of main horizontal structure.


By doing that recycle will help to prevent some of the needs of people. Instead of using petrol and gas, this structure will use natural sources like light, heat and wind. To use a wind source, there will be some different pressures in different vertical layers so that there will be air circulation.There will be fields of wind roses which will be part of big system of this big structure.


To help the needs of energy that the big structure needs, a machine or some sort will catch the magnetic and radiation waves. And there will be some sort of machine which will collect all the heats from the business offices and the houses, and the heat from the sun, and serve it to the different layers of this building in case of different needs. There will be panels to get light energy, like a skin of a human, wrapped around the houses and the business offices in case of changes in day and night time. Characteristics of garbageís changes by the time pass. Therefore there will be more complex places to put these garbage ís, and there will be some sort of machines to get an energy from these wastes., such as liquid wastes will be used in water animals zone.