Some piece of earth was cut, and pieces had been shipped to the sky. Some pieces had been shifted, and some pieces stayed where it was. There were some structures schemas appeared where it was hidden in the ground. Permeability had been increased relatively. This new life form created a new data base which was based on the real alive ground. This new creation form had found a way to solve its inorganic needs. This new creation was based the new worlds needs, the changes in environment and skyscrapers inorganic escape and the organic movement.


This life form helped organisms which are groundless to build and grown up.


This new ground=sky platform helped us to create a data base. The life connection web moves on vertically and horizontally. There are more likely to see business offices where this structure is vertical, and it is more likely to see glasshouses, plantation, public places, social places, streets, spaces, green places, and places for animals and plants on horizontal sides of the structure.  So, this structure creates places for all life schemas. And all other data bases, communications will be placed in the zones which called domicile. This new life style will be housing style more than a city style. This new style will help people to live in these skyscrapers with keeping their old habits.


In case of air rarefaction, there will be gas pumps to help people in their houses and offices. There will be some special glasshouses which are surrounded by constant light and heat to help plants to get through this new life style, and these glasshouses should be prohibited to people who live in these skyscrapers except to officer in charge. Animals food will be changed with a help of main horizontal structure.


Data base which surrounds this skyscraper all around will be kept in this structure.Business offices and the houses will be spread through the rural areas. Grain, water, and soils are very important for organic farming and livestock so these things will be stocked in the houses in the shape of cube, and inorganic needs can be used from these cubes. Rural areas might seem to  be confined but it is actually more independent since its free in both horizontal and vertical, so people will get to use maximally.