Located in the terrain between downtown Canakkale and Kepez district, the project seeks to give the special and rightful place of Battle Gallipoli pass down in the minds of both sides’generations that unfortunately played a part, where there is no winner in a battle, as they say. Environmental datas and climatic conditions are taken into consideration besides the elements that will glorify the unwritten memoirs of all heroes.


Residing on the intersection of the coastal road and the project terrain, the three shopping mall buildings end the commercial axis, leading to a denser pedestrian and traffic flow; the project is foreseen as a re-arrangement that is reducing the local tension of surrounding residential fiber and commercial line.Significant and definite axises are determined at the intersection of Ataturk and Troya Boulevard to create powerful urban axis constituting a visible transition.  Main axis in line with the direction Northeast-Southwest is defined as an urban corridor heading to residential texture. Integrated overall design is supported with, the conveniently designed functional blocks which are attached in 90 degree vertical to the main axis and intertwined with the landscape.


The main block functioning as the essential circulation area  serves the gathering-distribution and meeting points which also defines the entrance making it possible to access all the integrated functions. Besides circulation elements, info modules and meeting points; café/restaurant accompanied by a souvenir shop is constituted for visitors.


In addition to this,  a special lounge area is created for the Conference Hall by layering the ground floor into different levels. Traces of true life experience and space utilization requirements influenced the tendencies towards the terrain. Independent massive blocks sequenced in order as the Administration, Conference Hall, Exhibition Hall, Library/Archive, work together with the main circulation block. Distinct from other units Library / Archive block has its own and secured circulation system with usual functions as books, shelves, working area, reading rooms.


Predominantly concrete structural systems are preferred whereas supporting steelwork elements are also benefited from to gain wider openings. Various bricklaying techniques are used on the facade to get diversified solid-void rations that manage to provide different aspects of sound and lighting control in accordance with functions.


Massive blocks and landscape is manipulated to glorify the awareness of Gallipoli Victory. Protected existing trees are supported with controlled active and passive landscape and hardscape. Memorial walls close to the ground and the inclined leveling gives references to the trou-de-loups of every and also this the battle. The figurative planting and flowers which triggers the sense of smell that stays longer in the memories of human, are used effectively to express the blessing and gratitudes to the heroes of Gallipoli. The memoir gardens are given the names of frontlines of the battle; Seddülbahir, Anafartalar and Arıburnu and the martyr names are carved on walls.