Atatepe, where can easily be said to have a geopolitical prescription in the context of dominating the city, gives the point of zero in positioning and conceptual fragmentation of its functions for the use of the city. It is not expected that any structure that will be placed on this hill will escape or hide from this historical and geographical conjuncture referenced within the city, or to ignore them, but under appropriate conditions it may go into hiding itself or waiting to be discovered.


Sub-auctorial stories are constructed from time-space-objective derivations that would serve as scenarios for the typical users of semi-public organizations like conference, exhibition, meeting; private organizations like wedding, engagement, coctails; public organizations like various festivals and non-organizational purposes such as wandering or observing around are to be integrated both within the social center and the hill. Mainly two kinds of user can be identified; single and plural. In this respect, single user is one or two person and plural user is more than minimum twenty people.


Plural user is here for pre-determined time and sequence, in an exact space with a probable cause; whereas single user does have no space-time-objective limitation and only there for to have a good time, hang out or waste time around. Sub-expansions can be presumed as anybody would.


Within the scope of contex above, two main arrival points are configured as an entrance to the hill. In simple words, sea level on the south and top of hill on the north, which also could be denominated as the shortcut and the longrun. The user that dares to come from the sea side, arrives to the top of the hill after a difficult but peaceful trekking. The user from the north comes either in a big or small vehicle and is welcomed by a tunnel that goes into the hill, besides the stairways to heaven. Such a mystification gives the perception and feeling of being in and on the hill in different aspects. The stairs lead to upper platform, the tunnel leads to lower platform. This tunnel can be rendered into an exhibition corridor directing to the main entrance. Another corridor is hidden on the left for service purposes. Orientation to the castle and ancient city causes fragmentations that form the lower platform, wherein festivals can be held upto 800-1000 people, supported with a cafe and multipurpose halls.    


The storey high wooden structured restaurant resides alone on the upper platform for plural users of wedding etc. The unsophisticated block is made gradiently transparent along with the functions. Closed and semi-closed areas can integrate into eachother in requirement. The main open area is cleared from the building for simultaneous events. All materials are natural or either evokes and associates with nature.


And love is in the air!