ascension: the new gate
a limited edition aerial forest

45°47’13.1” N 15°58’19.8” E

with a new center emerges an iconic new gate : ascension, functioning as an observation tower, literally at the heart of zagreb, set in midst the old and the new city, gets inspired from the city’s historical and natural iconic landmarks, facing the south bank of river sava and derives its form with analogical approach to the existing towers of the old town and revives itself using the magnificent nature of the city as an immersive skin of the earth, the wood and the forest. 


as the novi zagreb is the future and modern face of zagreb, ascension represents and empowers the connection with the past and future; nature and man-made; old and new; as though the ground ascended to the sky and created this void, to engage this dialogue with a strong flow and visual relation.

..a small city with a big heart..

one of the famous stops of orient express, zagreb has welcomed many artists, actors and writers throughout her history.

the project area is literally the middle of the city on the camber of river sava and on the border of novi zagreb zapad. the prospected site for the observation tower faces directly river sava, forests of medvenica mountain and the landmarks of the city.

urban morphology

the old and the new, the river and the mountain

the historic city of zagreb, developed on the southern slopes of the mountain medvednica and the north bank of river sava, is composed of a medieval urban complex of churches, palaces, museums, galleries and government buildings which make it a popular tourist zone. the camber of the river sava also designates the direction of the old city. a mountain on the north and a river on the south makes it a perfect spot for settlement, a natural activation of life with water and wind.
the city had seen a great expansion through east and west during the first half of 20th century. the 2nd half witnessing the consequences of WWII, gave way to constructions to the south of river sava, resulting in “novi zagreb”. for decades new zagreb, regarded as the dormitory of the city, due to its inhumanly scaled monumental socialist architecture and lack of cultural, public and commercial facilities. 
nowadays, this is changing, novi zagrep, truly coming to life, reaping the fruits of the last 6 decades, with emerging office buildings, sports halls, shopping centers and a museum with their open, public spaces make it a desirable place to be. 

ascension creates a focal point to the plaza located at the intersection of the main retail streets connecting the river sava to dubrovnik avenue. facing the old and the new city ascension connects the riverbank with the prospected greenery of this new urban development.