Superspace, founded in 2014, Istanbul, is a practice that is interested in ‘simple but complex’ relations of human, architecture and city, where architecture plays a mediatory role in-between, and is subject to represent an intuitive ‘research and generate’ paradigm.


Superspace elaborates over utopias, dystopias, phantasies and architecture of future from a unique and simple way.

Superspace, interested in urban fabric and representation, focuses on the boundaries of architecture in the built environment, envisioning within the design and management process of mediating public space and human interface, creating an invisible network of the territory.


Utilizing architecture as a tool of actualization and virtualization of space, Superspace embraces architecture as a forgotten encoded language to be revealed, like a grammatical code error exposed in function or a vocable lapse outgrowing its very own blanks, turning into a deliberate confession of form.


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